The Role of Serotonin in Tritonia

Cocktails anyone? An introduction to independent components analysis.

A version of the paper describing the optical recording experiments my colleagues and I did almost twenty years ago.

I still think near threshold currents for synaptic integration like the ones I studied are the final frontier in solving the brain.

I got your short-term decremental processes, (dis)habituation, sensitization, and inhibition right here. PDF by request.

If you like nonassociative learning, you'll love this. Or perhaps not. PDF by request.

This could all be in the mind of a seaslug. PDF by request.

My contribution to the sensitization memory trace in Tritonia including a study of the heterosynaptic facilitation of interneuron C2 synapses by another interneuron, the serotonergic DSI. PDF by request.

On howling at the moon.

Some day I will have to complete this list so as to be less of a hypocrite!

Top Ten Neural Network
Theories of All Time

I am compiling a list of the top ten neural network theories and theorists, and I'd like suggestions. My list looks like this at the moment:

1. Sherrington - Feedforward processing, reflexes, etc.
2. Brown - Half center.
3. Hebb - ian synapse.
4-9. Not as obvious.
10. Yours - Recruited Feedback (at least if I'm right)

That's in chronological order of course. Amongst neuroscientists, I kneel only at the grave of Sir Charles! I can think of more candidates (heterosynaptic facilitation, redundancy reduction by lateral connections, electrical synapses to promote synchrony, balanced inhibition and excitation, etc) but wanted to hear what others think. Please send me your top ten (or one or three) favorite theories about neural networks.

I am trying to start a trend where scientists put all of their results and contributions on their own homepages and websites. Each researcher including especially academic researchers who live on the dole should be asked to create an internet glen as it were, a peaceful place where they can go to express their deepest, most important thoughts.

An internet glen can hold unlimited amounts of data and text. They can also be made accessible to the lay public if possible but more importantly glens should be complete so that other experts can find what they need when they need it.

The continuing goal of my glen will be to trace the evolution of humans to a time when there were no multi-celled creatures or in other words to write our earliest animal history as best as I can piece it together.

April 27, 2013

I have decided to take down my blog. I do want to post more serious work in the near future so please check back. And I am still hoping my Recruited Feedback paper goes ventricle (since a neuroscience paper will never go viral). I leave the April Fool's Day story, which is kind of fun, intact.

April 1, 2013. Snot Surfing

There is some opinion that multicellular animal life evolved in the mud--perhaps due to fossilized trails from worm-like creatures. However I favor the idea that multicellular life including complex multicellular life evolved on the surface of the oceans what with the promise of bountiful greens.

Staying aloft has always been a challenge. One of our first tricks may have been to have a cell that secreted mucus to attach us to the surface tension after the sun passed over the horizon. We floated around all night a glob of cells underwater attached to the top of the ocean. I can imagine sleeping that way. Kind of funny attached to the waves all night, perhaps riding the shoreline. Moon's out. Could have been the start of our head. Or at least anterior to posterior axis.